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Very Rare
1964 Wurlitzer Semi-Concert Grand Piano

 Length: 7' 4”

 Excellent Condition

Restored in 2006

Dear Friends,

I am selling my 1964 Wurlitzer Semi-Concert Grand Piano. (Length: 7' 4”). In Excellent Condition. It is a VERY rare grand, and, to my knowledge, Wurlitzer made only a few dozen if not less of such instruments.
Piano was restored in 2006

In my recent research I came across the following information. It could be possible the soundboard is Steinway contracted by Wurlitzer, because Wurlitzer did not make any that large and didn't want to tool-up for just a few pianos. I can't confirm this 100% since almost no information on this model exist.
Please watch the video and see additional photos. Price is somewhat negotiable. Please Contact for Details