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FEB 2, 2019: Transcending Borders / Carnegie Hall • New York, NY

JC Productions in association with ASUA, Inc presents
Transcending Borders: Sekai's Night Music at the Crossroad of Cool

Crossroad of Cool is a performance conceived and developed by Shigeo Oguri and Jiro Yoshida. The show invites the audience to expand their musical palate with repertoire drawn from the musical compositions of Europe and Asia. Using the tradition of the Japanese aesthetic, this event draws parallels between music and human experiences.

SEKAI, Tenor
Jiro Yoshida, Music Director and Guitar
Nanae Iwata, Concertmaster and Violin
Marlene, Vocals
Marlon Saunders, Vocals
Sasha Djihanian, Soprano
Makoto Kuriya, Piano
Sami Merdinian, Violin
Alissa Smith, Viola
Colin Brookes, Violin and Viola
Luke Krafka, Cello
Chris Johnson, Bass
Misuzu Tanaka, Piano

Zankel Hall